The Economics & Employees of Delaware's Service Industry

Thousands of people value their service industry jobs in Delaware. A minimum wage increase would put those jobs at risk.

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A Dangerous Proposal

A government commission in Delaware has called for a dramatic increase in Delaware’s minimum wage—on top of the increase that’s just taken place. This proposal is based on a misunderstanding of the economics of the industry that it will affect.

We want to correct misconceptions about who works in the service industry, and how a dramatic wage hike will affect those jobs.

Real Delaware Stories

Kevin Castro
ProStart Program graduate/Harry's Seafood, Wilmington DE
“There's so many things this industry has to offer that there's no limits to what I can do.”
Teresa Earl
Assistant Manager, IHOP, Newark DE
“If I hadn't had this chance in the restaurant industry, I'd probably be dead, or back in jail.”
Olivia Dickinson
Server/Special Events Coordinator, Dogfish Head, Rehoboth Beach DE
“There've been many pros about sticking with the restaurant business. I have so much flexibility.”